Your photography style isn’t a brand

July 4, 2020

2 min read

“I’m a natural-light photographer.”

Is this a good positioning?

How you shoot your photos is not a worthy point of differentiation.

It’s different, sure, but it’s not something that your clients will understand - or at least understand its significance.

When we’re positioning our photography businesses we are at the same time making a stand of who we are, but we are implicitly saying who we aren’t. We are depositioning.

Who We Are (and Aren’t)

When we say we shoot Oklahoma weddings that positioning is distinguishable. It also communicates that we’re not an Ohio wedding photographer.

When we say we are a natural-light photographer, it doesn’t set you apart. Because what are you not? You’re not a flash photographer?!

Why would the client care about that difference?

It’s as ridiculous as saying, “I’m the only marketing consultant for photographers that uses Substack.”


“To be clear, the objective of brand positioning is not just to compel positive impressions, beliefs and behaviors towards your brand, but to simultaneously compel your target to believe that your competitors  cannot do or provide the solution they need.” - Marty Marion on Medium

Our methods and processes might be precious to us, but 90% of the time doesn’t matter at all to the client.

Cheers and Happy 4th!

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