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Jordan P. Anderson

Jordan is a cinematographer and content creator based out of the Washington, D.C. area. Specializing in documentaries and commercials, Jordan takes on projects with passion and vigor. All aspects of his cinematography are beholden to story and what moves that story. Jordan strives to always deliver cinematic images no matter the story. 

New Horizons in Washington, D.C.

Jordan has recently moved to Washington, D.C. to work as the in-house cinematographer for LAI Video, a corporate video agency. Over the last few years, the pace and creative execution of video content has changed dramatically. Jordan has taken it upon himself in his process to better understand how video content performs in the 2019 marketplace.

Starting Out

In 2013, he founded Valley Films. His experience, as an entrepreneur, developed his skills and knowledge of social media and video content marketing to always tell a compelling story in the modern year.

Every day there is a new challenge and opportunity to learn, make friends, and tell powerful stories.

The Latest & Greatest

Staying up to date with camera trends, technologies and software is vital to being a successful cinematographer in today's market. Jordan has had a deep working knowledge of the Panasonic GH5, Canon C300MK2, Sony FS7, FS700 and RED DSMC2 lineup.

Filmmaking & YouTube 

With gaining popularity on YouTube, Jordan creates content for his filmmaking community. Answering the many, detailed questions and paying it forward to young filmmakers is a driving factor for Jordan's content strategy. 

From Freelance to Full-Time to Freelance

Jordan operated production cameras and assisted the director of photography in Baton Rouge for tommysTV. He swiftly moved to Washington, D.C. to freelance and work full-time at a production company. In total, he has worked on over 400 video projects and traveled over 100,000 miles as a cinematographer. 






A well-crafted video goes a long way for brands trying to tell their story. Jordan works to meet your brand's needs when it comes to cinematic visuals. Jordan is available as a Director of Photography for documentaries, commercials and corporate content.


Producing content on a consistent basis is the key to staying in the conversation with your customers and users. Jordan takes hold of your content strategy and helps your brand produce native video, photo, and audio that tell your brand's story.


Having your own brand is exhilarating and an adventure unto itself. Jordan will sit down with you and your team to develop strategies for branding, content marketing, and working with social media platforms. 


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