I'm Jordan P. Anderson

Marketing nerd, content creator, doggie daddy, and amateur chef

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"Cheesy" should be my middle name - and I think that's why my beautiful wife, Elizabeth said, "I do."

Lean into your quirks, boys and girls. You have to embrace your inner goofball.

It only took me 25 years to do so.

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"Jordan is a talented marketer. I love that he takes a holistic approach to content creation and planning. We have worked together on dozens of campaigns, and I walk away with a stronger creative strategy - every time."

- Jordan Lewis

Did you know..?

I was an award-winning filmmaker before all of this?

At age 13, I was down at Home Depot and JoAnn Fabrics buying supplies to assemble my first green screen.

Learn about my travels, successes, and failures too!

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