Say A Price Out Loud

September 18, 2020

1 min read

Hi photographers! 👋

When does your client see your prices?

And how do they receive that information?

  • Verbally?
  • Via email?

Get into the habit of saying a price before showing a price. The price sheet or wedding packages shouldn't be a surprise when it comes to prices.

The client needs some sort of heads up.

Because nothing's worse than seeing your client's eyes widen in shock and reject all three options entirely.

"How does $5,000 sound?"

Learn How to Charge $10,000 for a Wedding

I'm Jordan P. Anderson,

I've been freelancing over the last 8 years as a marketing specialist and content creator.

I help photographers who HATE marketing.

I want every photographer out there to get their hands on this pricing checklist because I've struggled for years with setting my prices and I wish I had this checklist when I was first starting my company.

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