Photographers are Afraid (Very Afraid)

June 22, 2020

2 min read

They are afraid that if they drop the senior portraits and maternity shoots, then they’ll be doomed to weddings, shrivel up and die of boredom.

I’m here to tell you that this is simply not true.

Our creative personalities draw us to everything new and shiny. We started out shooting weddings, but a friend asked us to shoot their newborns, so we said yes.

We loved the novelty so we kept seeking novelty.

CUT TO 3 years later and now your client base is a mess and no one wants to pay you a higher price because they don’t see the value.

Pick a Door

In this hallway there are many doors, and we must choose one.  I can assure you that inside that one particular door is an endless chasm of doors and hallways.

Learn How to Charge $10,000 for a Wedding

I'm Jordan P. Anderson,

I've been freelancing over the last 8 years as a marketing specialist and content creator.

I help photographers who HATE marketing.

I want every photographer out there to get their hands on this pricing checklist because I've struggled for years with setting my prices and I wish I had this checklist when I was first starting my company.

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