How Notion Changes Everything

October 27, 2020

2 min read

Hi photographers,

I’ve recently discovered and uncovered the expanding power of Notion. It started out as a cool way to draft some blogs, emails, and create a content calendar.

Then I found out about this guy’s system:

August Bradley’s 37-part Notion Life System

It took me about a week to fully comprehend this system, but in short here’s how it’s set up:

Pillars -> Goals -> Projects -> Tasks

Instead of randomly doing tasks in your business or working on projects here and there - it all becomes systematized.

Tasks are based on the needs of a Project.

Projects are based on fulfilling certain Goals (both measurable and immearsurable)

Then, each Goal feeds into a Life Pillar (Family, Health, Business, Learning, etc.)

It’s quite the deep dive, but it has completely changed how I go about my work. No task is random or spontaneous aka unorganized. It brings clarity to the minute tasks by always connecting them to the larger picture.

Enjoy, my friends!

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