Naming Your Options

October 12, 2020

3 min read

Hi photographers 👋,

I talked a bit about naming your options in The Perfect Wedding Package video tutorial.

In short, I left it up to you stating that this is a great chance for your brand’s personality to shine through.

Go beyond naming your options “Bronze, Silver, Gold” like every software company.

We offer options because we want our clients to feel comfortable with their choice. Naming with a grade that indicates bad, good, best goes against our core philosophy that every option is the right choice for you and your client.

(*Remember, every option is profitable!)

Instead, name them like a business email subject line

  • Cut to the point
  • Describe the option in 3-4 words (or less)
  • Avoid the jargon

Name options like Photoshoot+Edit or Brand Strategy & Website Rebuild.

The client can immediately see the options and there are no judgement or bias placed on any one particular option.

Jordan P. Anderson

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