How Do You Judge Your Instagram Performance?

August 5, 2020

2 min read

❤️ Likes Are For Suckers

Easy, Jordan. Sound a little jaded?


I stopped counting my likes a long, long time ago.

I would argue that a Like is the weakest form of engagement. A millimeter of effort is required to like a post and keep scrolling.

What I'm after are Saves and Shares.

Because it's a filter to reveal your warm, qualified audience members that are ready go the distance for your brand.

📂 Saves

A saved post is my most cherished metric on Instagram. It's a private moment, but what it tells me as the content creator is that someone finds this post so helpful that they want to save and cherish it for later.

📨 Shares

Like a save, it's an indication that you're making waves in your audiences' news feed. But this time, they are saying to the world, "Look at this! I found this helpful, and so will you."

I'll let the cynics decide if it's vanity sharing or genuine sharing, but either way your audience is taking that extra step to make sure your work is seen by more and more readers.

Stop beating yourself up about a lack of likes and comments. Focus on the metrics that help grow your business.

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