Being Your Own Client

June 11, 2020

4 min read

There are two main modes of being your own client: maintenance and creative. Being your own client in Maintenance-mode deals with branding, website facelifts, and so forth.

I want to focus on the Creative-mode which leads to value creation and explores new and improved avenues to your photography business.

Setting Expectations and Goals

Much like your real clients, every project should start out with creating and spelling out clear goals and expectations.

  • What is the target?
  • Why does this target matter?
  • What will life look like once you’ve reached this target?

And it might help to be even more OCD about laying out these goals. You are the parent and child in this scenario, so every part of you wants to be casual about the process. Avoid being overly casual with yourself.

Creative-Mode & Value Creation

Maybe you only take yourself this seriously once or twice a year, but creating a new asset to your business could have the potential of changing your life forever. Whether it’s something straightforward like an online course, hosting an event or something bigger. Maybe you’ve been itching to change your business model or create a new add-on to your services.

All of these new ideas can be incredibly exciting to explore, but always go back to goals and expectations for this project. Create a target and stick to a timeline.

I feel like there’s so much more to explore beyond a daily email, so I’ll wrap for the day.

Here’s a great video that I have bookmarked - Save it to your Watch Later:

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