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Pricing Coach for Wedding Photographers

  • Create new opportunities
  • Strategize their pricing
  • Harbor a space for thought
  • Provide clarity
About Jordan P. Anderson


Everything changed (to put it nicely).


Realized that it's all about strategy.


Married the girl of my dreams.

Fell in love with marketing.

Cut my teeth in the film industry.


The company collapsed.


Started a video production company.

Met the girl of my dreams.


Made my first-ever home movie with a green screen.

So why help photographers?

In 2013, I was filming dozens of weddings side-by-side with photographers of every skill level.

I asked...

Why are some photographers able to charge $10,000 without scaring away clients?

They knew who they were, and they knew who they wanted to help.

Then suddenly I knew who I wanted to help...

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"We're ready to shoot in 5 minutes, Jordan..."

The studio lights were up. I had my two cameras dialed-in at the perfect exposure.

We were just about ready to roll. I had mic'd up our client, I tested the audio - sounds good. I went over to tweak one hair light, and came back behind the camera.

I leaned up and whispered a question to my producer.

"So does the client know where this video will be played? Facebook? YouTube?"

No answer.

This same story happened countless times. Our clients would spend tens of thousands of dollars flying, shipping, and booking our crew to film these duds.

Hundreds of hours of editing lead to a measly 57 views on Facebook.

Maybe you're tired of checking the box but failing to see any real progress. Maybe you don't want to repeat these same mistakes thousands of failing companies make each year.

Let's break the cycle of bad marketing.