Your Film, A Playground: Ep. 2 | State of Indie

With Sundance wrapped up, the guys talk about the current state of independent filmmaking and what it means for filmmakers in 2016. Chris and Troy shed some light on their upcoming projects.


In this conversation we cover:

  • Chris’s pre-production of “Devil in a White Room”
  • Demon Prosthetics
  • Filmmaking Apps
  • Sundance Film Festival
    • The Hype is after Sundance
    • Whiplash
  • Why you shouldn’t post the video online before film festivals
  • Are Film Festivals worth it?
  • Vimeo for Filmmakers
  • Troy’s 3 Minute Shorts
  • Jordan’s Equipment Update
  • The Complex Overhead Shot
  • Pretending to What You’re Talking About on Set


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Jordan P. Anderson