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Wedding Photographers!

Want to know the 3 Simple Steps to earning more money?

An Online Course About Getting Your Prices Just Right!

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The Perfect Wedding Package

An Online Course for Wedding Photographers who are READY to Raise Their Prices.

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Wanna know how I was
able to charge $10,000?

What's in the Course?

The Perfect Wedding Package

Downloadable One-Page Template (.PDF)

An easy-to-use template that clears up the fog around the mysteries of pricing your creative work. Use it the next time you get an inquiry and observe its magic. ✨😉

($250 Value)

FREE Video Course

Building the Perfect Wedding Package

This in-depth video lesson makes it easy to create a one-page price sheet that does the selling for you and gives you the confidence to increase your income and free up your time to focus on being your best creative self.

($500 Value)

Plus! You Also Get...

Bonus #1:

FREE Private Pricing Workshop

This 30-minute coaching session magnifies your results by having a practical, comprehensive conversation that focuses on perfecting your prices and clears up any hesitation about taking the next big step in your business and helps you realize that you are worth it and you deserve what's best in life.

($2,000 Value)

Bonus #2

FREE Website Audit

This personalized assessment provides the keys to getting an objective look at your website so that you can create an experience that excites clients to work with you and shares your story as a creative as well as create a place that shows off a portfolio that you can be proud of.

($2,000 Value)

Bonus #3:

Direct Access to ME,
Your New Pricing Coach!

This private channel is the shortcut needed to get DIRECT access to me so you're able to get your price questions answered and create a safe place to learn how to upgrade our business and build a network that goes beyond our little backyard.

($150/year Value)

All This in ONE Course?! 📚

The Perfect Wedding Package Template ($250 Value)
In-Depth Video Lesson
($500 Value)
BONUS: 1-on-1 Wedding Pacakge Workshop
($2,000 Value)
BONUS: Photography Website Audit ($2,000 Value)
BONUS: DIRECT Access to Me on Discord ($150/year Value)

TOTAL vALUE: $4,900

The Complete Package


The Pefect Wedding Package Template

FREE Video Lesson

1-on-1 Pricing Workshop

Website Audit

Direct Access to Jordan

Downloadable PDF

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Template Only


The Pefect Wedding Package Template

FREE Video Lesson

1-on-1 Pricing Workshop

Website Audit

Direct Access to Jordan

Downloadable PDF

What My Clients Are Saying...

What most of us end up doing...

We work on projects that can barely pay the rent, and end up having to settle for a "9-to-5."

As a photographer...

We start with so much passion and excitement.

And then one day, a friend of ours says they're getting married - and they WANT YOU to shoot it

"Wait really!? But, I've only been doing this for fun up 'til now. I can't charge my friend thousands of dollars."

So instead, you tell them it's only gonna be $250.
(Even though, looking back, they would've been more than happy to pay you more.)

An even worse scenario is to charge nothing for a wedding shoot because you feel like you need more practice.


And so you quietly, bump along to your next wedding. This time, it's a friend of a friend.

You think, "Well, I can't jump too high - I'll charge $300 for this wedding."

And on and on, you barely bump up your prices as to not "disturb the waters" or appear too ambitious.

You think to yourself, "If I charge $2,500, I'll look like a money-hungry con artist."

And on top of that - I don't even know what I excuse I would say to client if they pushed back. I would run scared back down to $300 - because it feels safe.

At least I won't get a "No." Right?

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Hi, I'm Jordan P. Anderson

I'm a marketing nerd, content creator - I've filmed over 200 "I Do's" and spent the last 10 years trying to perfect a system that creates a compelling story that drives business results - whether it's new followers, course sign-ups or booking new clients.

(That "business results" part didn't come easy.)

I spent my first few years out of college in La-La Land (not the movie) making, shooting, and vlogging my way to booking more clients.

But my efforts vs. what I was being paid always felt disconnected.

I was playing around on YouTube hoping something magical would happen.

And it didn't.

I was barely living up to the dreams I had set for myself.

To put it bluntly, I would've made MORE money working at Burger King than working on my video business.

I felt guilty for being a poor husband.

My wife was absolutely killing it in her healthcare job - and I was simply playing "YouTuber", not bringing my share as a husband.

I felt guilty, I felt like a failure - and on top of that - I then lost my job.

Now backed into a dark corner (one that I never want to visit again), I had to do some soul-searching to upheave my business, start from scratch, and create a system that could actually make money - and start contributing more as a husband.

Job rejection after job rejection, unemployment checks running dry - everything was out of my control. The only thing I could control were my perspective and the skills I could learn.

The core of my insecurity was that I didn't know how to properly charge my clients - I didn't know how to ask for what I wanted.

I started reading and studying every pricing, sales, and marketing book that I could get my hands on. And then I changed my perspective. I realized that I can do this.

I CAN provide for my wife - I CAN live up to those dreams.

My Biggest Aha!

My BIGGEST Ah-Ha! moment was around the idea that pricing is about CONFIDENCE AND PERCEPTION.

I realized that it was all about HOW you frame the conversation with your clients. You have to believe that clients love paying for your expensive options because of HOW IT MAKES THEM FEEL!

Yeah...I know. It was never about how slick I dressed or how cool I used words like "strategic content-driven initiatives."

Knowing this I put together this new pricing sheet, and I had a client looking for a new website, a new take on her business and a documentary to go along with it.

This was my shot to put this new pricing knowledge into action.

$10,000 was the number.

I started at this number on the screen for 3 days.

"No way can I send this quote. This is more money than I've ever made in video business."

Believing it's all possible, I emailed the proposal.

Later that night at 10pm - the client called and they said, "YES!"

I was lying to myself that I wasn't able to charge for what I deserved - And I chose not to accept it.

In fact I'm feel this calling to help you flip your approach, save yourself from the lies we tell ourselves, and instead get you focusing on creating something that your clients are dying to say YES to.

My goal is to help you establish a price that reflects who you truly are - a professional photographer that deserves to be seen as a business-savvy, highly-valued creative who kicks ass at earning a living.

Imagine How It Will Feel To...

Book Your Ideal Clients

Generate the income that you need and deserve

Finally Go Full-Time

Have the Best Year ($$$) Ever!

Truly Believe In Yourself

So, you're telling me this is "Perfect"?

I'm offering this guide because I KNOW that when you RAISE YOUR RATES (and your clients say "YES!") that you're more likely to keep doing what you love, leave the "9-to-5" behind forever, and continue to grow your photography brand...

That's it... that's my "sleazy" sales tactic - for you to have success (and maybe one day to share that success with the creative community).

In fact, the $97 is 1/50th of what I could be charging for an offer like this - I'm almost kicking myself for setting the price so low.

So, why would I do this?

Helping photographers is my calling because like you - I've been told to go get a REAL job and that you have to be a "starving" artist in order to do what you love. BS!

So my goal is to help YOU make money... then hopefully you'll chose to re-invest some of those profits back into the products and services that I offer.

Does that sound more than fair? :)

Get Instant Access

Do You Have A Guarantee?


If at anytime, you feel like you have not gotten your money’s worth, let me know and I’ll refund you on the spot.

I guarantee that if you implement this template, watch the video, ask questions, and start believing this is all possible then you will have a completely new wedding package and a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of pricing and marketing yourself as a photographer.

If for some reason you don't feel like that is true, then you let me know, and you'll receive a full refund.

No questions asked.

AND YOU keep the template to share with a friend who might find it useful.

But if you're like most people, this experience will change your business (and for some of you, it'll change your outlook on life!)

📚 Enroll in the Course Today! 📚

Let's RECAP...

The Perfect Wedding Package Template ($250 Value)
In-Depth Video Lesson($500 Value)
BONUS: 1-on-1 Wedding Pacakge Workshop ($2,000 Value)
BONUS: Photography Website Audit ($2,000 Value)
BONUS: DIRECT Access to Me on Discord ($150/year Value)

TOTAL vALUE: $4,900

The Complete Package


The Pefect Wedding Package Template

FREE Video Lesson

1-on-1 Pricing Workshop

Website Audit

Direct Access to Jordan

Downloadable PDF

🛒 Buy the Package

Template Only


The Pefect Wedding Package Template

FREE Video Lesson

1-on-1 Pricing Workshop

Website Audit

Direct Access to Jordan

Downloadable PDF

Top 3 Perks to Raising Your Rates:

  1. Shoot with a BETTER camera
  2. Shoot with BETTER clients
  3. The End of Chasing Low-Paying Gigs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an advanced "pro" photographer?

Not at all.

In fact, the earlier you learn this, the more your photography business will thrive. Avoid the early mistakes and start charging what you're worth.

And for the "professionals" out there, let's break a few old habits around pricing your work.

When do I get to talk to you, Jordan?

In order to get the most out of this package (and to light a fire under your ass), we have to strike while the iron is hot.

Your booking window expires 60 days from your date of purchase. So get on the Calendly ASAP!

(If there are major schedule conflicts, let me know.)

How do I book my pricing session with you, Jordan?

Easy now. Haha.

I'll send you a Calendly invite for our 30-minute pricing workshop. You choose a time that works for you, and away we goooo!

Does this actually work?


Speaking from personal experience, I have used this on projects where I was able to charge $10,000. The variable is you and how much you believe you can achieve your goals.