The Three Rules for Bundling Services

October 8, 2020

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Earlier, we talked about the dangers of Unbundling in cases like clients trying to edit their own photos.

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Implement these simple rules, and uphold the integrity of your photography business.

Rule #1 - Set a minimum price

“I won’t even throw my camera in my bag unless it’s this price…”

Whatever that number is in your business - find your floor and don’t stoop below it. Ask yourself, “What’s the least amount of money I’ll take for a project?”

Rule #2 - Set a minimum level of services

“All projects come with one photographer, one camera, two batteries, two memory cards…”

Projects and client needs come in every shape and size but there is a set number of services that HAVE to come bundled together. Make a list internally and make it as ridiculously reductive if you have.

Rule #3 - Clients can add-on but they cannot subtract

Client: “I want the champagne from 1st Class, the boarding order of Business Class, and the price of Coach. K? Thanks.”

À la carte is fine in some circumstances but if you’ve crafted three options based on the client’s needs (and your prices are fixed), then clients have to either choose one of the three options or request a new set of options entirely.

Never allow the client to pick and choose between options.

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