The Only Three Pieces Of Content You Should Be Making

October 20, 2020

2 min read

Hi photographers,

My TikTok swiping lead me to this article about content strategy - Think With Google

Your content strategy should be composed of three types of content:

Hero - The Flambe

The “go big” initiatives that excite new audience members to join.

  • Brand Videos
  • Documentaries

Hub - Your Episodic Recurring Show

Your opinionated, expert perspective that communicates on a regular basis in a consistent way.

  • Podcast
  • Newsletter
  • Weekly Video

Help - Answering Your Ideal Client’s Search Questions

Help the one-time, new user answer their search query of “how-to?” or “what is?”

  • Tutorial TikToks
  • How-to YouTube videos
  • Listical Blog posts (Top 10 Tips…)

Jordan P. Anderson

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I'm Jordan P. Anderson,

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