The Danger of Caring About Your Portfolio

November 4, 2020

2 min read

You’re coming to the end of a creative project.

The client seems happy with the progress.

Another day goes by, and you get the email, you’ve been waiting for - Client approval.

The client approves.

You start packaging up all the final deliverables, you're reviewing a few shots, and you notice that one shot just isn’t right.

So you open it back up in Photoshop and start tweaking.

You tweak a little more wanting to make it just right or better yet - up to your standards.

But the client has already approved that photo. Why are you working on it further?

Would the client notice the change?

No? - or Probably Not (but I would)?

Then leave it.

I’m serious. Leave it well enough alone.

Yeah, but Jordan, I’ll notice it and it’ll drive me crazy.

That’s too bad. Leave it alone.

But what about my portfolio? I can’t show this off.

Too bad. Leave it alone. Your client work isn’t your portfolio.

Stop being a perfectionist and only caring about your portfolio.

Give the client what they asked for.

Your friend,
Jordan P. Anderson

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