She Charges $2,500 (But I Think She Can Double It)

July 28, 2020

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I love sharing coaching sessions to the podcast because we all get to do a deep dive into a photographer’s business and hash out the problems they may be facing. These episodes are so powerful because someone listening to this is having the same exact problem in their business.

Why help one when you can help the many?

These coaching sessions are designed to create a space for clarity and a chance to step back and see the big picture in our business. You can’t read the label if you’re inside the jar! Courtney wasn’t exactly sure where to start with her business, so we started with setting a revenue goal.

We discuss pricing, photography packages, and dealing with clients. Plus, we cover how to quickly raise our prices overnight -

Guess what? It’s starts with confidence.

If you’re preparing for your first year as a photographer then this is the episode for you.

This episode is all about setting your business goals in Year One! If you want to apply to be coached on the podcast, head to to see if we’re the right fit.

Meet Courtney B. (@courtnee_bee)

Courtney just started her business a few months ago after being asked to shoot a friend’s wedding. She’s a Virginia wedding photographer staking her claim in the Charlottesville and Richmond area.

Right now, Courtney has a few weddings on the books. She has been experimenting with her pricing and packages.

Let’s see where we can help!


Learn How to Charge $10,000 for a Wedding

I'm Jordan P. Anderson,

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I want every photographer out there to get their hands on this pricing checklist because I've struggled for years with setting my prices and I wish I had this checklist when I was first starting my company.

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