Our clients get stuck.

September 3, 2020

2 min read

Recently booked a recurring photography project - shoot 3 times per week ongoing.

Ok. Great.

At first, the client wanted to know my hourly rate.

I’m not a fan of hourly rates or even day rates. The focus zeros in on time spent rather than value given.

Weekly Chunks of Time

Knowing that this wouldn’t take up more than 1 hour per shoot day. I broadened the conversation to them buying weekly chunks of my time.

I proposed, “You pay me $X per week with a minimum of one shoot and a max of three shoots.”

Not a typical pricing structure, but one that I thought made sense.

The client disagreed.

And we ended up settling on a day rate.

Fall into patterns

When we’re trying to get away from hourly photography rates, the client isn’t necessarily opposed to other options.

But they are opposed to change.

A new pricing model (even if it makes more sense) is still unknown territory.

We can’t always blame clients for rejecting our “above the fray” models. Sometimes it’s apathy and nothing more.


Jordan P. Anderson

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