"I know I need a photographer..."

October 26, 2020

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Hi photographers 👋,

Do you know where your clients are now?

I don’t mean their location. I’m talking about where they are in the sales process.

We can get frustrated that “our marketing sucks” or that we spend hours on social media with zero new leads. The problem might be making sure our messages hit our clients at the right time in their journey.

Here are five possible stages of your client’s journey:

1. Totally Unaware

Client has no idea that they even have a problem.

2. Aware of the Problem

They know they need new photos for their website, but are coping with the old ones from 2008.

3. Aware of the Solution

They’ve done some research and believe they know they need to hire a brand photographer.

4. Aware of Your Services

Your brand photography business has entered their world as a possible solution to their problem.

5. Knows the Specifics But Not Ready to Buy

You two have had the sales conversation. Now you gotta let your client put on their big boy pants and pay up. Sometimes they just go back to coping with the old crappy photos.

You can’t sell photography to someone who doesn’t know or believe that they need a new set of photos for their brand’s website.

Jordan P. Anderson

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