How You Can Charge $10,000 for a Photoshoot

November 10, 2020

4 min read

It’s about context and the offering you bundle together.

Answer the question, “What do I get for this?”

“You get a 10-Hour Photoshoot.”

And then add to that answer.

And then add some more.

A day of your photography might really only cost you $250…

But if you were to add…

  • Priority editing
  • Concierge client services
  • A private editing session
  • A FREE engagement session plus
  • A FREE 1-year anniversary session
  • 200 Prints
  • 5 Framed Pictures

Now we’re getting it up there.

But it’s not even that.

You still need the context.

The client needs to know the value of each of those package items to get a real sense of the deal you’re offering.

Clients Need Comparisons

  • 10-Hour Photoshoot ($5,000 Value)
  • 2nd Shooter ($3,000 Value)
  • Priority editing ($2,000 Value)
  • Concierge client services ($2,500 Value)
  • A private editing session ($500/hr Value)
  • A FREE engagement session plus ($1,000 Value)
  • A FREE 1-year anniversary session ($1,000 Value)
  • 200 Prints ($1,500 Value)
  • 10 Framed Pictures ($3,500 Value)

Now you’re looking at a $20,000 offering for only $10,000.

It’s the framing. It’s the context.

Your Pricing Sherpa,
Jordan P. Anderson

Learn How to Charge $10,000 for a Wedding

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