Getting Your Client's Priorities Straight

April 13, 2020

4 min read

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Towards the end of the strategy sessions I have with my clients, we go into this final exercise call Goal Prioritization. Fancy way of saying, "We need to prioritize what you're going to do in your business."

We break these down into 4 key components:

  1. Revenue
  2. Awareness (Marketing)
  3. Delight, and
  4. Efficiency

The exercise starts with revenue because let's be honest - it's everything to a small business.

In each section, we spend about 5 minutes a piece listing out all the possible options and ideas. Move fast, edit later.

Next, once those 5 minutes are up, together the client and I will go through each idea item and rank them on doability, desirability and time to implement.

We rank these because, sure, there are many great ideas out there but if the client doesn't want to do them, then there's no point trying to force them into action.

We assess the time to implement each top idea into Less than 30 Days, Less than 60 Days and Less than 90 Days. If it's an idea that is doable, the client wants to do it, and it can be done within 30 days then that's a top idea.

Go all-in on those short-term, obtainable ideas to get some early points on the board.

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