Do you say "Clients" or "Customers"?

September 28, 2020

1 min read

Hi photographers 👋,

Do you say clients or customers?

What about rate vs. investment?

Or even couples vs. brides?

They may seem interchangeable, but our word choice has huge implications when it comes to our ideal buyers, our marketing, and how we position our photography business.

It could be the difference between your ideal buyer thinking, "This is for me!" or "That’s for them."

What words do you sub out?

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I'm Jordan P. Anderson,

I've been freelancing over the last 8 years as a marketing specialist and content creator.

I help photographers who HATE marketing.

I want every photographer out there to get their hands on this pricing checklist because I've struggled for years with setting my prices and I wish I had this checklist when I was first starting my company.

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