20K TikTok Followers in 30 Days w/ Sam Ogborn

September 21, 2020

1 min read

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So I guess TikTok is sticking around…

If you’ve been skeptical about posting content for your photography brands on there - I get it. But I think this podcast will give you a little courage to jump out there, and start posting on this super powerful platform.

My two cents on Tiktok as a social media platform (you’ll hear this on the podcast):

The algorithm favors new creators and actually gives them a chance to shine. Unlink Instagram.

Sam Ogborn (@onceandmoreco) is a digital marketer who has found huge success with TikTok. In under 30 days, she was able to amass over 20,000 followers with just a whiteboard, some trendy music, and her voice-overs. No dancing required.

Check out her podcast,The Next Big Thing

🎧 Listen Here 🎧

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