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Jordan is a cinematographer and content creator based out of the Washington, D.C. area specializing in documentaries and commercials. In 2013, he founded Valley Films. As an entrepreneur, Jordan developed his skills and knowledge of social media and video content marketing. The biggest lesson is to always tell a compelling story for the modern era. Jordan has a deep, working knowledge of the Canon C300MK2, Sony FS7, FS700, Panasonic GH5, and RED DSMC2 lineup.

Over the last few years in Louisiana, Jordan worked his way up from camera assistant to camera operator to now director of photography. He swiftly moved to Washington, D.C. to freelance and work full-time at a production company. In total, Jordan has worked on over 400 video projects and traveled over 150,000 miles as a cinematographer. 


Audience Reviews

Awesome. Learned so much man! [I’ve] been working on polishing my craft as a filmmaker for some time now and I’ve been starting to get client work and this video is definitely useful man!
Awesome, thanks Jordan! I just started freelancing in video production and social media management and the way I started was just by randomly emailing race directors for various endurance events in my area asking if they needed help. Once I got the first “yes” in my inbox, I offered a competitive price to film, produce and edit a promo video for their event.
— Lauren Cisneros