Legion Athletics, inc.

directed by jordan p. anderson

The Concept

Hiring a full-time cinematographer, Legion Athletics, an online-only sports nutrition company, made the commitment to advertise to their customers in a way that was engaging and enlightening through the use of video campaigns. Mike Matthews, founder of Legion Athletics and prolific fitness author, is the face of the e-commerce business.

The creative efforts behind the video campaigns have converted thousands of customers. At the time of this description, the video campaigns, directed by Jordan, have received over 240,000 points of audience engagement.

240,000+ Points of Engagment


the little black book of workout motivation | book launch campaign

Break the pattern- that was the campaign’s mantra. With the 60-second and 30-second spin-off videos, we were shooting and editing in a way that would break the pattern of mindless scrolling on social media. If we could someone to stop

scrolling and watch the video then we knew we had succeeded.

Transformation Challenge | Instagram Campaign

This campaign was Facebook-based and has converted thousands of customers to sign up for a 30-day Transformation Challenge. This introductory video was meant to be educational that entice top-of-funnel customers.


pulse | the ultimate pre-workout drink

Pulse Pre-Workout, Legion’s best-selling product, was naturally first in line for a product overview video. For the video, we combined a kitchen show with product demos and cut to Mike Matthews working out to show the product’s positive effects.

Behind The Scenes