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The Concept


Lifestyle Bloggers and Instagram Influencers have made powerful strides in 2017 and will flourish in the newsfeed of 2018. Thousands of Influencers partner with photographers but many rarely take advantage of video.

Brands and Influencers are begging for more video content and we're here to provide that opportunity. 


A Pinch of Lovely Presents:  HelloFresh Recipes | Southwest Style Chicken

Krystal Faircloth from A Pinch of Lovely presents a quick and easy recipe from HelloFresh.   

A Pinch of Lovely Presents: HelloFresh Chicken | Sausage Flatbread Pizza

Krystal Faircloth from A Pinch of Lovely whips up a quick and easy pizza recipe from HelloFresh.


Emilie Eats™ | Emilie Herbert

Starting off as a small side project, Emilie Herbert's vegan blog, Emilie Eats, grew to reaching tens of thousands of people. Now a food influencer, Emilie splits time between studying nutrition at LSU and creating fun, healthy recipes for her audience. 

Dashing Darlin' | Magpie & Macarons

Angelle Marix, bettter known as Dashing Darlin, flaunts a sleek black dress for the night out and stops by Magpie Cafe to enjoy some macarons from the local bakery. 


Behind The Scenes