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for work

Find Some clarity today

1. Finally understand who you are as a photographer.

Don't Believe Me?


Jordan helped me see the opportunities with my work and how I could build off it. He gives clear, actionable direction that delivers!"

- Mimosa Handcrafted

And what else?

2. Learn how to double your rates in 10 days.

Many photographers are too afraid to ask for what they want.

They lie to themselves that their prices can't go above "the market."

What about your other clients?

"Jordan's Worth the investment!"

“Jordan transformed my brand overnight! I had no idea I had some much potential in my business, and Jordan was able to create a clear path. He made it so simple to go from zero to launch!”

- Megan Mouton

So what do I get?
  1. Find the clients you've always wanted
  2. Charge what you deserve
  3. Build a roadmap for your photography career, and
  4. Actually take yourself seriously
Do You Have A Guarantee?

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at the end of our call you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, let me know and I’ll refund you on the spot.

Alright! Let's do this.

You Deserve to Get More Out of Your Photography

Frequently asked questions

Who is my ideal client?
  1. A professional (or wannabe professional) photographer.
  2. Their business is relatively new.
  3. Recently, their business has hit a snag or has lost some serious momentum.
  4. In need of some candid and honest advice about their business.
  5. Deep down they believe that by not hiring me their problems will continue to escalate.
As a client, what should your expectations be?

The most valuable thing I bring to the table is an outside perspective. My strategy work is not a cure-all.  I’d be a fool to claim that I know more about the photography industry than you do. But what I can promise is that by the end of this, I’ll know more about your business than any other person you’ve worked with.

What sets me apart from the other creative specialists?
  1. I have a great understanding of your creative business because I, myself, am a creative business owner. I’ve worked in the video production and marketing world for the last eight year - working on over 500 campaigns, commercials, weddings, etc.
  2. I’ve been exposed to every level of creative business from solo freelancers to corporate enterprises. From owner to manager to lackey assistant, I have been put through the meat grinder witnessing every benefit and wasted opportunity there is in the creative industry.
  3. I am not afraid to ask the tough questions and get to the truth of the matter. You and I will play by this rule: Say What You Think.
  4. Saying “I don’t know,” isn’t the end of a conversation. It’s the beginning.
Let’s talk payment. When should I pay, Jordan?

Typically, my fee is prepaid. This removes any temptation for me to withhold my honest assessment in fear that you’ll delay payment.

My clients pay in a timely manner and don’t require reminders.

Don't forget about my 100% guarantee!

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