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This series dives into the lives of craftsmen working on their passion and how they share that passion with the world. We focus on the intricate details of the process. Each chapter is a vignette of one craftsman allowing the audience to deep-dive into their daily life. 

Fullness Organic Farm | Grant & Allison Guidroz

Grant and Allison are the prime of example what this series is all about. They started their microgreens farm, Fullness Organic Farm, from scratch and work together on two acres of land. When asked they couldn't imagine a different or better life than this one.  

Mimosa Handcrafted | Madeline & Dawson Ellis

Coming from a landscape-architectural background, this power couple has incorporated the elegant designs and rhythm of Nature into each piece of jewelry. Madeline designs each piece by hand, whereas Dawson crafts the metal into shape. (Mimosa Handcrafted)  


Emilie Eats™ | Emilie Herbert

Starting off as a small side project, Emilie Herbert's vegan blog, Emilie Eats, grew to reaching tens of thousands of people. Now a food influencer, Emilie splits time between studying nutrition at LSU and creating fun, healthy recipes for her audience. 

CS Creates | Chad Schoonmaker

What started out as a random trip to the paint store turned into an obsession and matured into a passion. Chad Schoonmaker paints abstract and resin art pieces for clients all over the country. When he's not in front of a canvas, he's finding inspiration from his wife and son. (CS Creates)


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