How to Hire an In-House Video Shooter/Editor

Here are some things to look for when hiring your in-house video shooter/editor.


1. Speed

The main reason most companies hire in-house shooter/editors is because they need the content and they need it now. Hiring an outside video production house means emails, proposals, meetings, contracts, revisions, reshooting and re-edits. Most companies need a quick and easy video done within a few hours and ready to publish ASAP.

Hire a person who prioritizes speed over perfection. 

The T-Bar skillset simply means to have a deep working knowledge of one skill and surface-level working knowledge of many other things. Your shooter/editor should have deep knowledge of video production and wide range of surface knowledge about many other things: social media platforms, ad buying, marketing, understanding target audiences, copywriting, photoshop, podcasting, and blogging. 

If you needed a specialist, you would have hired outside companies. 

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And finally…

3. Highly Independent

Hiring a shooter/editor that has to fit within a 15-person team and get approval by two or three managers defeats the purpose of having the position in-house. You need to hire savvy, quick-on-their-feet showrunners who are going to lead the storytelling process within your company. The more hoops they have to jump through the more it undermines 1) Speed and 2) T-Skills.

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