Evie Hobbs: Should You Start a Food Instagram Account?

evie hobbs

Evie Hobbs (@evieneedstoeat) found herself in London, bored and slightly hungry. It was Monday 10am, she was off work that day, so she and a friend went to a restaurant with a camera. What started off as a fun way to kill time in the deserted London streets turned into a near-full time job. Evie returned to Boston with over 6 months of food content and thus Evie Needs to Eat was born. You can find Evie rubbing shoulders with other foodie influencer in the Boston area as she explores delicious and trending foods.

What We Discuss:

  • How she found her passion in London

  • Taking advice from your friends

  • Starting by experimenting

  • Getting into a restaurant press event

  • Working with PR teams

  • Food Blogging vs. Influencers

  • Misconceptions about Instagram influencers

  • The relationship with restaurants and influencers

  • Photography tricks for food

  • Keeping it consistent

  • Backlogging content

  • Debating vs. Doing

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