How to Make a Call Sheet + [FREE DOWNLOAD]

What is a Call Sheet?

A call sheet simply is a production document that gives the working production a brief overview for tomorrow’s shoot. Usually the 1st AD or producer will distribute them the day or evening prior to the shoot date. It lays out basic information such as when to show up for work aka Call Time, where to be, and who to contact if you have any questions.

The call sheet also lays out the scenes that will be filmed for that particular day. The needed cast and crew members will be listed as well as necessary equipment for the shoot.

This document should be straightforward, simple, and the information should be quickly digestible by all parties.

What is a Production Breakdown?

The production breakdown sheet is an itemized list of necessary things that will be needed for production. This includes actors, crew, camera, lighting, grip, props, special effects, scenes, locations, etc. The process of breaking down a script allows a production team to step back and see what it’s going to take in terms of money and manpower to get this shoot to the post-production process.

The more thorough the better.

What is a Stripboard?

After the shot list has been made a stripboard is used to organize and order the shots into a particular order for that particular shooting day. Rarely are scenes shot in order of the narrative, so it’s important for the director, cinematographer and 1st AD to sit down and order the shots. The order can be based on time or complexity of the shot.

The stripboard is also color-coded to indicate interior or exterior as well as day or night.

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