Oneil Gardner: Becoming The Creative Gentleman

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“When you wear something, it should tell a story about you.”

A man of high fashion, Oneil Gardner, better known as The Creative Gentleman, has been posting his latest styles on his blog and Instagram. Each weekend for Oneil is a chance to explore new looks, photograph them, and show them off to the world. The Creative Gentleman is able to add unexpectedly awesome elements to his wardrobe - like Chuck Taylors with a suit and vest.

Oneil loves collaborating with brands and helping his audience find their own style. 

“When you wear something, it should tell a story about you.”

What We Discuss:

  • Getting into Fashion

  • The evolution of his personal style

  • Fashion vs. Functionality

  • Adding a twist to your own fashion

  • Wearing clothes with confidence

  • How styles emerge

  • Finding balance with a side hustle

  • Photographing your own fashion shoot

  • Collaborating with other brands

  • Pricing your work and standing by it

  • How to avoid undervaluing yourself

  • Being a personal stylist 

  • Seeing clothes as an investment

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