Starting A Vlog: Is It Right for Me?

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The Vlog as we knew it 2 years has steeply dropped in value. However, taking a modern approach to the vlog style is one way to stay relevant to your audience.

In this episode, I talk about the startegy behind small businesses starting a vlog and the value it has for them. Vlogs can be used aim at small niches with big results.

Start your "reality TV" show and regain your audience's attention.

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I can remember picking up my family's video camera as a teenager and being enthralled that I could make an impact in someone's life. The filmmaking process is complex but at the heart of it simple: tell a compelling story. 

What resonates the hardest is visual storytelling. The ability to create an emotion or convey an idea through an image is what drives my career as a filmmaker. My marathon mentality is focused on becoming the best cinematographer possible.