Avoiding Bad Clients

It's an amazing feeling when a potential clients knocks on your door for their next video project. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

-Establish the budget or budget range early on-
Some clients don't have a grasp on what actually goes into making a high produciton value video. They make think it cost X but really it cost 5X. Establish early on what their budget range is. This will help you understand what kind of project you can pull off.

-Build Trust with your Client
Not the snap of a finger, but when there's a mutual trust between you and your client. They trust you to make the best creative decisions and you trust them to pay you for your services. 

-Vet your Clients-
Much the same way they are vetting you, YOU should vet them. Figure out what kind of client they are. Ask them about their previous vendors or companies that they have worked with. 
Are they rude? 
Do they pay on time? 
Does the Client know what they want in with this video?

There is such thing as a Bad Client, and you need to drop them as soon as possible!

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