Get Rid of your DSLR

The DSLR Revolution has come and gone. 
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Now the Mirrorless and Prosumer-Cinema cameras are dominating the videomaking world. It's time to put the DSLR on the shelf for good. 

Image Quality
The Dreaded Question- "What Camera did you use to shoot that?"

Everyone hates this question, but it's valid when it's coming from a cheap DSLR-user. How can you blame them? They're looking at beautiful images on YouTube in 4K! 

Speaking of 4K; DSLRs have put that on hold indefinitely. 4K six months wasn't the top priority, but now it is a must-have. 4K provides so many options for the image. The DSLR world has said that they're working on it but that doesn't appear to be the case.

DSLRs handle well in the hands; they're beefy and won't slip out. There's just one thing- this is for photographers. Filmmakers have to trick it out and spend loads of cash to make the DSLR a stable piece of equipment. Cinema prosumer cameras offer handles and grips suited for run-n-gun shooting.

Battery life wasn't cut out to last very long for video mode. Photos are quick and use minimal power. 1200 shots on a single battery seems reasonable, but 90 minutes for video doesn't cut it.

The DSLR was meant for photography. Video mode was an afterthought that was marketable. Period. DSLRs were not meant for the sole purpose of filmmaking.

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