A Video Production Company: The First 100 Days


Cash flow is your company's oxygen; it keeps you in the game.

1. Build A Portfolio? 


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How to Make a Production Company Business Plan

First, they don't want to take the risk on your ass who has nothing to show for. You are going to need a portfolio or demo reel. Don't have one? Start filming projects as soon as possible. Shoot fake commercials, do free gigs until you have a portfolio that you can show clients. 

2. Start with Family and Friends

They are going to be the first people that hire you. Start with them and see if they can lead you to the next client. They will always have connections.

3. Free work, Spec work, Reduced-Rate

This is the risky part of the first 100 days but it may be the thing to get a project started. It shows off your capabilities and pads your resume.
***Disclaimer: Doing FREE work can devalue your services.***

Do the free projects or cheap projects for as little time as possible.

Tip: Raise your prices gradually and consistently

4. Start Building a Network

Reach out to local businesses, and start building relationships. It will always lead to good things.

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How to Start Your Video Production Company

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