Why Start A Video Production Company?


Starting a video production company can seem like a huge endeavor. Having the motivation and a clear sense of its importance can help ensure a launch to success.

1. Be Your Own Boss.

It’s time that you start blazing your own trail. Everything in life has been predetermined for you. It’s always been safe. Starting a production company is a way to lead your pack. Take the risk of being an entrepreneur.

I have always hated the “corporate ladder” of filmmaking. You have to start as a PA and work your way up to 1st Assistant, get to know the Execs and (maybe) you’ll get to be the Director.

2. Get Legit!

Almost immediately, starting a production company gives off a certain “legitness”. You’ve now taken your filmmaking from Mikey Peterson Productions into…

Kick-Ass CineProductions (Trademark Pending).

Now you won’t have much to show for BUT this will get your foot in the door for your first few gigs. You are a professional business, doing professional work, under a professional company name. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

3. You Have the Tools

All of those Christmases and birthdays have finally added up into a semi-pro stockpile of filmmaking equipment. It might not be a RED Epic but it’s epic enough to get the job done. Put those tools to some good use, and start to see a return on your investment.

Now get out there!