My Thoughts on Overnight Success

Let's talk about career paths as a filmmaker.

We need to wake up from this dream of becoming an "overnight success."

We fall into this mindset that we can become a successful overnight. We're making that one video that will catapult us into the big leagues.

I'm 23 year olds and I have so far so go in this Life. Life is marathon. Your career is a marathon.

What can we do in the now if life is so long? Remain Consistent.

Be consistent in your growth. Maintain a consistent trajectory forward at improving yourself. Never look back and think that it's okay to sit back because "I've already reached my goal, I've already won the awards."

If you can't handle the low points of filmmaking then it might be time to head down a new path.

Thank you so much everyone for watching!

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My Life Story (sort of)-

I can remember picking up my family's video camera as a teenager and being enthralled that I could make an impact in someone's life. The filmmaking process is complex but at the heart of it simple: tell a compelling story. 

What resonates the hardest is visual storytelling. The ability to create an emotion or convey an idea through an image is what drives my career as a filmmaker. My marathon mentality is focused on becoming the best cinematographer possible.

Jordan P. Anderson