How To Buy A RED EPIC-W 8K

Some big things have come out in the camera world: RED EPIC-W and the Movi PRO. 

Would or should you buy something that expensive?

How can you buy a RED EPIC-W camera package that costs $75,000+?

Option 1) Cash money.

Option 2) Borrow/Financing Options

You'll need a down payment, factor in the interest rate, and calculate if you can make the monthly payments.

A way to pay off that monthly payment is to rent out the gear to other filmmakers. A RED EPIC-W with the 8K sensor could easily rent for $600/day which could be your monthly payment!

Having a professional cinema package could also spice up your Cinematography CV because now you are a Cinematographer/RED Camera Owner. Producers can hire just you and you bring along your gear. (The whole package, so to speak.)

But what happens when you can't rent out your camera? You're basically staring at $75,000 worth of metal and plastic sitting on your desk. That can get scary if no one calls in.

You have to weigh the benefits and risks of owning a RED Camera or any valuable piece of film equipment.

What is your experience with big filmmaking purchases? Was it worth it? Did you get screwed over? I would love to hear your stories.


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