Steal Like An Artist

"Good artists copy, great artists steal." -Pablo Picasso

Stealing is apart of the artistic process. It's how we develop our own style and reach our full potential as artist. But I thought stealing was bad?! You're advocating stealing, Jordan? No. No. No!

Stealing in the sense of remixing, recutting, flipping, and inverting the work of someone else. But don't take it from just one person- Steal from Everything in Life! It's out there for the taking.

What is inspiration at its core? Inspiration is observing the work of others and adopting what rings true to you. Whether it's the Mona Lisa or a TED Talk, we are inspired by many different things. We are walking, breathing lineages of art that spans to the original cave paintings.

You are a theft. You are an Artist. Happy Stealing!

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My Life Story (sort of)-

I can remember picking up my family's video camera as a teenager and being enthralled that I could make an impact in someone's life. The filmmaking process is complex but at the heart of it simple: tell a compelling story. 

What resonates the hardest is visual storytelling. The ability to create an emotion or convey an idea through an image is what drives my career as a filmmaker. My marathon mentality is focused on becoming the best cinematographer possible.

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