10 Content Ideas for Your Business


Here are some simple ideas for content that can be easily implemented at your business:

1. Instagram Package

Hire a photographer to shoot 10 photos a week of your business. Hire them for a day, bring them out on a weekly basis.

2. Mini-Documentary

Film a short 1-2 minute documentary about the owner of the business.

3. Podcast Series

Record 10 episodes about your business, its origins, who influenced it, and interview your favorite customers.

4. Social Media Package

Hire a copywriter to write out 100 tweets a month and/or 10 Facebook/LinkedIn updates a month. Write them all in 1-2 days. Batching is key.

5. Saturday Workshops

Host a 1-2 hour workshop for your favorite clients and give away free advice. 

6. Employee Documentary

Film a 1-2 minute short documentary about one of your employee’s lives. Don’t forget to ask about their hopes and dreams.

7. Photograph the Process

If you’re developing a new product or service, take a picture each day that you work on it. 

8. Paragraph A Day

Instead of writing a blog of 1000 words, write one paragraph a day about something you observe in your business. 

9. Talk over Coffee Podcast

Host a 10-minute daily podcast over coffee with each employee in your company. Small team? Have repeat guests.

10. State of the Union

Host a quarterly update with your team and film it. Include a Q&A session!

Don’t think any of these ideas are possible? Leave a comment, let me know.