Chef Kyle Bailey - How to Start a Restaurant

Chef Kyle Bailey is a prolific D.C. chef who has been in charge of numerous luxury restaurants. Not only is Kyle a fantastic chef, he’s also a restauranteur with plans to open a New Orleans-style restaurant in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Badass, Grit, Passionate, and Compassionate are a few words that come to mind when you think of Chef Kyle Bailey.

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Katie Milam: Finding the Courage to Launch

A member of the DC Bloggers Union, Katie Milam is a fashion and lifestyle blogger under the account, @asseenonkathleen. Katie from a young age has always had an obsession with fashion. In her group of friends, she has been the go-to girl for fashion advice. It took some courage to start her blog, but once it was up and running she hasn’t looked back. 

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Oneil Gardner: Becoming The Creative Gentleman

A man of high fashion, Oneil Gardner, better known as The Creative Gentleman, has been posting his latest styles on his blog and Instagram. Each weekend for Oneil is a chance to explore new looks, photograph them, and show them off to the world. The Creative Gentleman is able to add unexpectedly awesome elements to his wardrobe - like Chuck Taylors with a suit and vest.

Oneil loves collaborating with brands and helping his audience find their own style. 

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Corey Gray: Quitting Your Full-Time Job to Become a Photographer

A few years ago, Corey Gray felt like he had enough momentum with his photography business to take the leap. Corey quit his full time job to pursue his own photography and videography business. Corey works spreads across fashion and athletic photography to Travis Scott and Billie Eilish concerts. 

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How to Hire an In-House Video Shooter/Editor

The main reason most companies hire in-house shooter/editors is because they need the content and they need it now. Hiring an outside video production house means emails, proposals, meetings, contracts, revisions, reshooting and re-edits. Most companies need a quick and easy video done within a few hours and ready to publish ASAP.


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Overcommunication is Good Communication

When first getting on a film set, talking back and forth with your team, the crew, and the client can seem overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion, your boss tells you not to talk to this person but be sure to talk to this person. On a film set, there are a lot of moving parts - equipment, people, and egos all in one place. It’s a mess - but it doesn’t have to be.

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